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Started out as a husband-and-wife team in a small NJ office, Singularity set out offering limitless digital services from BIM support to customized tools and software. We saw a need in the AEC industry for drastic modernization and the use of automation in everyday workflows.

Our mission is to transform the world of design and construction into a digital platform enabling efficient design, prefabrication, and a digital real estate service model. We are modernizing the built world one building at a time and capitalizing on data for designing, building, and maintaining the buildings of the future.

Our team is our superpower and we take pride in every individual’s contributions to the greater team. Every member of our team started their singularity journey with extensive training and continues to learn new skills every day. This enables us to evolve as quickly as the technology offering our clients’ cutting-edge, comprehensive, turn-key solutions.

We see a future state of the whole industry where, data, augmented reality, AI, modular construction, digital twin technology and 5D BIM get used in everyday design processes making our living spaces smart, functional, and beautiful.

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